Thursday, June 29, 2017

End of school year

We ended the 2016-2017 school year with a bang and just barely survived the craziness. The last week of school was filled with field days, school parties, award ceremony's, programs and a birthday to top all of that. This was our first year juggling both kids in school and luckily all the activities were on different days, so Landon and I were able to make it all.

We started off by attending the sweetest Kinder program for Kipton. He had practiced songs for months and was so excited for us to watch. He was stinking adorable with his dance moves. He had us rolling.

Next up on the agenda for the busy week was field day!!  They both had a great time and it was fun for us to watch ;)

Both kids had end of the school year award ceremony's. Laney received an award for "Outstanding Work in 3rd grade Math". This was a special award because her math teacher only picked two students out of all four classes. She has loved her math teacher this year and really loves math just like her dad. Great job Laney Belle!!

Kipton also had a great ceremony. He received a "Math Master" award. In order to receive this award you had to finish a timed math test and not get any problems wrong. Good thing he also took after his dad on this one. He also received perfect attendance. And the most important award in our eyes, was the "Perfectly Polite" award. His teacher picked one girl and boy girl for the whole year. She said that he is always the first to say thank you, please, yes maam, no maam and is always helping her without her even having to ask. I have to admit I might have cried when he got this one. Sometimes being a parent, you aren't sure if you are doing things right and these moments give you a little reassurance.

Well that's a wrap to 3rd grade and Kinder! So proud of my babies and look forward to another great year!

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